Consumer's right to withdraw

The Vendor's purpose is to satisfy the Client.

If the Client should not be satisfied with his/her purchase, the Client shall contact our Customer Service to have full assistance and/or info. The Client has the right to withdraw from the contract with without any penalty and for any reason, by notifying within fourteen (14) calendar days, beginning on the day the products are delivered.

To withdraw from the contract the Client must send the request for returning the purchased product(s) to the Vendor within fourteen (14) days beginning on the day the products are delivered, following the online procedure in the Returns and Refunds area. The Vendor will send the Client a confirmation email once received the return request and will proceed sending the Client the appropriate return label by email.

After receiving the appropriate return label for the pacakge of the return product(s), the Client has to return the product(s) to the Vendor within fourteen (14) days beginning on the day the Client reported his/her intention of withdrawing from the contract. The delivery must be at the address specified by the Vendor on the return label. If the Client fails with returning the product(s) within fourteen (14) days beginning on the day he/she reported his/her intention of withdrawing from the contract, the Client will lose his/her right to withdraw.

The use of the return label provided by the Vendor for the return product(s), will semplify the procedure for the return. The Client will not have to pay the shipper at the time of sending the return item(s): the Vendor will pay the shipping costs for the return product(s) on behalf of the Client and will then hold a lump-sum, equal to standard shipping costs, from the refund of the return item(s). This procedure allows us to verify where the return package is during the shipping.

From the moment the shipper (specified on the appropriate label provided by the Vendor) takes the return in charge, the Vendor exempts the Client from any responsability in case of loss or damage to the product(s) during the shipping.

In case the Client decides to use a different shipper from the one specified by the Vendor, the Client will have to pay for the shipping costs and will be responsible in case of loss or damage of the return product(s) during the shipping because of a negligent choice in the shipper or of the shipping conditions. Cash on delivery and freight forwarding packages will not be picked up.

The products must be returned intact, complete of all their parts and inside their original packages (boxes and packages) without wear marks and damages. The right to withdraw is exercised properly when the following conditions have also been met:

  • the request to return the product sent on line through must be fully filled and submitted to the Vendor within fourteen (14) days from the day you receive the product(s)
  • the original tag and the disposable seal are part of the product and should still be attached
  • the products should not have been used, worn, washed, damaged and should not have marks
  • the product must be returned with its original package, complete in all its parts (packaging and relevant documentation and certificates);
    the original packaging must be kept intact without labels and tapes on the product's box. To avoid damages to the original box and to the product, you should insert the original box in a second one (packaging) suitable for the shipping.
  • the Client should return the product(s) to within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date the Client notifies the Vendor the intention to return the product(s)
After receiving the return item(s), will examine the product(s). In case the checking ends positively, the Vendor will notify the Client about the acceptance of the return product(s) by email and proceed to refund him/her. The Vendor will refund the Client using the same method used for the purchase, except where the Client has differently agreed with the Vendor; in this case, the possible adding costs will be charged to the Client. We remind you that the effective timing of re-credit and refunds for the sums payed by the Client, depends on the different paying methods.

Whether the Client fails to respect all terms and conditions for the right to withdraw, or the return product(s) is not intact, the Client will not have any rights to be refund of the money spent for the item(s). The Vendor will send an email explaining why the return product is not accepted; within fourteen (14) days starting on the day the email is sent, the Client can chose to get the same dameged/worn product(s) back at his/her expenses, notifying the Vendor following the procedure specified by email. Otherwise, the Vendor can keep the product(s) and the sums paid for the purchase. It is not possible to excercise the right of withdraw on personalized items and custom products.

If the Client wants to change the product with the same one in a different colour, it is necessary to make a return and proceed with a second purchase.

We suggest you contact our Customer Service.

In conformity with the standard form in accordance with consumer protection legislation, the Client can, as alternative, submit the Vendor a notification of the intention to withdraw from the contract by sending it to, brand of Divisione Network of Valli Renzo registered office in Italy, Via Ferma n.2, 42020 Vetto (RE) or submit the return form on to the Vendor by email to

The Vendor will send the Client a confirmation email and the appropriate return label. We remind you the Vendor will refund the payment received from the Client without any delay, and anyway within fourteen (14) days from the day of the Client's notification of the intention to withdraw from the contract, after verifying the above terms and conditions have been applied and after veryfing the product(s) conditions.

The responsability to prove the timely right to withdraw is charged on the Client.